Bode Miller’s Tearful Post-Medal-Winning Interview

Bode Miller emotional breakdown after his bronze medal winning Olympic race

It proved to be an emotional bronze medal win for Bode Miller.

After tying for bronze and becoming the oldest medalist in Olympic alpine history, Bode Miller broke down during tearful interview with Christin Cooper.

Miller started saying, “Emotionally I had a lot riding on it, and even though I didn’t ski my best, a lot of mistakes, I’m just super, super happy.” He then began talking about how it had been a “long struggle and a tough year” and about his brother, Chelone, an Olympic hopeful who passed away last April from a seizure cause by a brain injury.
Cooper was criticized for bringing the skier to tears, but it was clear to those who had been following the coverage of the race, which included extensive footage of a nervous and emotional Miller being cheered on by his wife, Morgan Beck, that Bode might have lost his composure even without Cooper’s questions. Allen St. John’s Forbes article gives more context to the moment, which for me was a testament to determination and the human spirit triumphing over unimaginable anguish.

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