Friday Finds

Friday Finds, a weekly batch of news and the like…

If you’re an LA foodie, check out LA Weekly’s 99 Essential Restaurants.

Watch This Video:

If you like Wes Anderson, or music, or a combination of the two, check out this Vulture article about Anderson’s music supervisor Randall PosterHotel Chevalier/The Darjeeling Limited‘s “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?” by Peter Sarstedt (above) is one of my all time favorite musical scenes, especially with Mr. Louix XVI, Jason Schwartzman, shacking up in a Parisian hotel with vicious ex Natalie Portman.

Steven Zevitas eloquently explains “Why the Art World Is in Trouble.”

My, the times they are a changing…as evident in these forty old photographs

climate engineering

“This rendering shows a cloud-brightening scheme by scientist John Latham in which a ship sprays salt particles into the air to reflect sunlight and slow global warming. (John MacNeil)” – LA Times

It’s terrifying that humans have to consider developing climate engineering to combat global warming and the destruction of our overpopulated planet — not to mention the potential negative impacts that could result from its use. Still, what an amazing concept.

What was most interesting to you this week? Leave your favorite news stories in the comments section.


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