To Do List Los Angeles: Jonathan Wilson at Getty’s Saturdays off the 405

Getty Sunset Travis Flickr

Getty Sunset @Travis.

On May 17 from 6-9 PM, catch sunset over the Getty gardens as well as the groovy vibe of Jonathan Wilson‘s raspy vocals, spiraling progressions, and funky & folky beats. Whether you are or are not going to make San Francisco’s Outside Lands, the first installation of the museum’s music series, Saturdays off the 405, is a picturesque opportunity to see one of the music festival’s performers in Los Angeles.

While you’re at the museum, check out Jackson’s Pollock’s newly-restored abstract expressionism masterpiece Mural (a post about the paradigm-shifting “painting” will follow my upcoming visit) on view through June 1 only. According to Christopher Knight of the LA Times, the painting was hung too high, at knee level rather than at ankle height. We’ll see if Getty has mended its error.

A Royal Passion: Queen Victoria and Photography is also on view, and Getty illustrations from its permanent collection are always worth a visit. The works by van Gogh alone create an entirely new perspective on the artist’s flourishing and varied brushstrokes.


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