Can’t Get Enough of Jen Stark

Lately, I just can’t seem to get enough of Jen Stark.

Jen Stark Gagosian Beverly Hills

I’m always a fan of wallpaper in a bathroom, but Jen Stark at Gagosian Beverly Hills is irresistible. Image courtesy Jen Stark.

For those of us in LA, we’re lucky enough to be able to spot Stark dripping into the bathroom at Gagosian Beverly Hills, now through September.

Jen Start Art Alliance The Provocateurs

Jen Stark, Cosmographic. 2014. acid-free paper, holographic paper, glue, wood. 34″ x 37″ x 4″. Image courtesy Jen Stark.

But her art hasn’t been confined to the west coast. As music swept Chicago for last weekend’s Lallapalooza, her Cosmographic appeared among that of Swoon and street-artist-turned-Art Alliance: The Provocateurs-curator, Shepard Fairey. The contemporary and street art exhibition was the first visual art exhibition to partner with the 23-year-old music festival, with portion of proceeds donated to CAPE.

Glow Art by Jen Stark. 2014, paper

Glow, Jen Stark. 2014, acid-free paper, holographic paper, glue, wood, acrylic paint 63x40x4. Image (c) Eric Firestone Gallery.

Before that, Glow‘s combination of rainbow-colored and holographic paper swirled viewers into another of Stark’s nature and cosmos inspired vortexes. The piece was a big hit at last month’s Art Market Hamptons.

Jen Stark Driptych Art City Way Out West

Jen Stark’s “Driptych” from Way Out West. Image courtesy Art City.

And up the coast, her “Driptych” is part of a recent billboard art trend (keep your eyes peeled for Art Everywhere this August) in Art City’s Way Out West. It can be seen in San Francisco through August 17. 


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