Ready Player One Book Review

Ready Player OneReady Player One by Ernest Cline

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ready Player One is as addicting as the virtual video game that it portrays. From chapter one, I was hooked. Not only do Cline’s descriptions of the real-world and virtually simulated planets jump to life as is I were plugged into my own OASIS console, his narrator Wade Watts aka Parzival, your classic poor, downtrodden hero with the brains and gumption to solve the unsolvable riddle of the genius gamer and world creator James Halliday, is instantly lovable, his action packed quest gripping.

If this book doesn’t make you want to dive into all things ’80s–and virtual reality computer simulations to boot–I don’t know what will. Yet it’s also a reminder of the beauty of the real world, of the now, of this time we live in, hovering in the brink of our IRL and virtual selves, a reminder that despite glory and possibility available in VR, nothing compares to the great outdoors and the touch of love, the spark of an IRL first kiss.

Though the ending is predictable, it’s just what you expect and crave from the novel, falling right in line with the wrapped-up-with-a-bow ’80s flicks its characters so adore. If for no other reason than to read the book before the film comes out, pick up a copy of this novel today.

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