Exposition Review Vol. II: “Surface” is Now Available

Here it is! Exposition Review‘s latest issue Vol. II: “Surface” is now available online!

“Surface” is all about perspective. Full of unique voices and blending genres, this issue is a close examination of the superficial and the sublime, of the hidden depths and delicate tensions inherent to the human experience. Together, the works presented in “Surface” take us through the looking glass, on a journey to unusual places and liminal spaces—a journey we’re looking forward to making again and again.

Vol. II: “Surface” features work by Aimee Bender, Robert Kerbeck, Maryann Aita, Rob Griffith, Arthur Keng, William Powhida, Shirin Abedinirad, GALAXYS FOR HIRE, Episode 1 of our new podcast Two Writers Walk Into a Bar with David Ulin, and so much more.

I couldn’t be prouder to lead, along with Jessica June Rowe, our amazing team of editors, to have selected the art, and to present these incredible narratives in all shapes and forms. My heart is full of gratitude for everyone who had a hand in making this possible and to all our submitters who have shared pieces of themselves with us.

Please, take a read and enjoy! Or before you dive in, take a pit stop and read about our launch party and the genesis of the issue on the Expo blog.


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