Saving the Spirit While “Saving Gaza’s only grand piano”

Musings on Tim Whewell’s “Saving Gaza’s only grand piano”

Crossing Continents BBC Saving Gaza's Grand Piano

Listen to “Saving Gaza’s Grand Piano” on BBC Radio 4’s Crossing Continents: “When my eyes got used to the gloom of the Nawras Theatre in northern Gaza, I gasped at the scale of the destruction. A tangle of cables, twisted metal and broken lamps hung down like spilled entrails from the shattered ceiling. The luxurious scarlet seats were littered with crumbled plasterboard.  The theatre – one of very few in Gaza – had been expensively refurbished just months before a rocket landed a few metres away during last summer’s war with Israel.”

Saving Gaza’s only grand piano,” celebrates the restoration of Gaza’s one remaining grand piano, which is being used for lessons for and performances by young musicians.

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Old School Samples Inspire Old School Memories

Sometimes you find a song that seems to follow you around. For a while, and even now, Pandora constantly plays You Wish by Nightmares on Wax. The 2006 song samples William Bell and Judy Clay’s Private Number, transforming the fluid and antique beat into an inviting breath of calm. This has become one of my favorite songs to practice yoga to.

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To Do List Los Angeles: Jonathan Wilson at Getty’s Saturdays off the 405

Getty Sunset Travis Flickr

Getty Sunset @Travis.

On May 17 from 6-9 PM, catch sunset over the Getty gardens as well as the groovy vibe of Jonathan Wilson‘s raspy vocals, spiraling progressions, and funky & folky beats. Whether you are or are not going to make San Francisco’s Outside Lands, the first installation of the museum’s music series, Saturdays off the 405, is a picturesque opportunity to see one of the music festival’s performers in Los Angeles.

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