Oscar Nomination Catchup: Interstellar on OnDemand

I admit, I was a little concerned about spending three hours in a movie theater with no bathroom breaks, which is why I didn’t watch “Interstellar” until it came out on OnDemand.

Interstellar Oscar Nom Watch OnDemand

After seeing the film, I do regret missing the Oscar-winning visual effects and spectacular views of space in IMAX, yet the cinematography along with the detailed plot and acting performances make the movie one worth watching, even on the small screen.

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BuzzFeed’s “21 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To L.A.” is spot on


Juice, Los Angeles phrases lingo

We could all drink a little more juice. Photo via twitter.yfrog.com & BuzzFeed.

Get in tune with your LaLaLand lingo in this BuzzFeed list…because who couldn’t use a good “juice” or “hike” or day in “Paradise”, even if it does involve Ryan Seacrest tweeting on a piece of paper?

To Do List Los Angeles: Jonathan Wilson at Getty’s Saturdays off the 405

Getty Sunset Travis Flickr

Getty Sunset @Travis.

On May 17 from 6-9 PM, catch sunset over the Getty gardens as well as the groovy vibe of Jonathan Wilson‘s raspy vocals, spiraling progressions, and funky & folky beats. Whether you are or are not going to make San Francisco’s Outside Lands, the first installation of the museum’s music series, Saturdays off the 405, is a picturesque opportunity to see one of the music festival’s performers in Los Angeles.

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Friday Finds

Friday Finds, news from the week…

In honor of his 539th birthday, Blouin ArtInfo tells us about Michelangelo, the first celebrity artist.

Christopher Knight debunks the myth of “Mural”‘s 9-hour creation and also notes that Getty hung Jackson Pollock’s recently-restored painting incorrectly in this Los Angeles Times article.

As always, I’m loving what NolaVie has to say, this time in defense of kale after the debacle incited by actress Tara Elders’ quote from the New York Times article: “New Orleans is not cosmopolitan. There is no kale here.”

SNL is one of my favorite shows, and last Saturday’s episode with host Lena Dunham did not disappoint. LA Times reviews some of the memorable moments.

Get your emergency preparedness kits together and watch out for the Cascadia Fault.

Being Breezie Tumblr Turns Three, and I’m still reading Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue Oscars Annie Leibovitz

“The 20th Annual Hollywood Issue!” of Vanity Fair also marks the 3rd birthday of Being Breezie! Thanks for following, y’all!

Three years ago, I started writing the Being Breezie tumblr with a post about the “Hollywood Issue” of Vanity Fair. Three years later, I am once again looking forward to Annie Liebovitz’s Oscar-nom-filled photo shoot in the magazine’s March 2014 issue. Hopefully there will be more writing to come about the photography, the magazine, and the Oscars in the near future!

Happy Carnival, everyone!!