What to Watch: Poldark Prepares Viewers for Downton Abbey Final Season

We’re all sad about the sixth and final season of “Downtown Abbey,” which will air in the US beginning January 3. Instead of waiting with bated breath for confirmation about rumors of a movie, dive into the next best PBS Masterpiece show, “Poldark.

Poldark Masterpiece TV Show

Find “Poldark” season 1 on PBS Masterpiece.

The series, which just wrapped its first season, acts something like a precursor to “Downton.” Set in Cornwall in 1793, the show begins with (episode 1 spoiler alert) Ross Poldark, a British soldier, a Redcoat, just returned home from the American Revolutionary war to find his father dead, his copper mine defunct, and his lover impregnated by his cousin.

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Christian Marclay’s “The Clock” at LACMA

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing Christian Marclay‘s “The Clock” at LACMA. The masterpiece, a 24-hour video counts the day away, combining thousands of film clips containing clocks, timepieces, or references to time. What might sound quite dull is one of the most mesmerizing art instillations I’ve ever encountered. The video, which ticks along at real time, makes the viewer wholly aware of the time. But, by constantly drawing attention to time, its passing becomes meditative, almost nullifying the significance of a second, minute, or hour.

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What to Watch OnDemand: “The Gambler”

What to Watch onDemand The Gambler Movie Film

“The Gambler ” begins with heavy breathing on a dark screen, the presumed focused yet anxious gasps of a gambler with everything on the line. Instead the camera opens to an elderly man on his death bed. It’s Jim Bennett’s (Mark Wahlberg) grandfather, whose ghost the protagonist gambles for and against during the rest of the film.

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Saving the Spirit While “Saving Gaza’s only grand piano”

Musings on Tim Whewell’s “Saving Gaza’s only grand piano”

Crossing Continents BBC Saving Gaza's Grand Piano

Listen to “Saving Gaza’s Grand Piano” on BBC Radio 4’s Crossing Continents: “When my eyes got used to the gloom of the Nawras Theatre in northern Gaza, I gasped at the scale of the destruction. A tangle of cables, twisted metal and broken lamps hung down like spilled entrails from the shattered ceiling. The luxurious scarlet seats were littered with crumbled plasterboard.  The theatre – one of very few in Gaza – had been expensively refurbished just months before a rocket landed a few metres away during last summer’s war with Israel.”

Saving Gaza’s only grand piano,” celebrates the restoration of Gaza’s one remaining grand piano, which is being used for lessons for and performances by young musicians.

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Total Yoga DVD Brings Flashback of James Turrell’s “Perceptual Cell”

Finding myself with an afternoon hour to spare between work and class, I decided to crack open my favorite yoga DVD, by my gurus, Tracy Rich and Ganga White of White Lotus. Though I hadn’t followed the Total Yoga: The Flow Series “Fire” practice in quite some time, the DVD is one I’ve gravitated toward since I started doing it about seven years ago.

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Watch This Video: Hannibal Buress Shares Some of His Favorite Things About NOLA on Jimmy Fallon

Watch This Video: Hannibal Buress Shares Some of His Favorite Things About NOLA on Jimmy Fallon

Drinking in the streets, second lines, and police-escorted parades are all a part of NOLA living. Hannibal Buress makes me miss them all in this Late Night with Jimmy Fallon stand up.