“Mind Games” short fiction in The Same, 2017

Find out why I recommend Carol (the film and the screenplay) and Patricia Highsmith’s The Price of Salt or Carol in Expo Recommends.

I recommend some art and experimental narratives in the Expo Blog.

A 100-word movie review of Paint It Black in Drunk Monkeys.

Short fiction “Fresh Water” in FORTH Magazine, 2017

I recommended Zadok Ben-David’s People I Saw But Never Met for Exposition Review‘s “Surface”-inspired Expo Recommends.

Short fiction “Ready to Where?” in Drunk Monkeys, 2017

Read my fiction piece “She released a small cloud of telepathic butterflies…Oh my, oh my.” in The Human Touch journal, 2016.

Discover what to read next with a few of my recommended readings in Expo Recommends.

Find out why we walk in LA with my Exposition Review Downtown Los Angeles and Arts District blog.

Read my art, culture, and lifestyle content on…or find it on The Times-Picayune’s


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