“Ready to Where?” in Drunk Monkeys

I’m excited to share my short fiction piece Ready to Where?, which was published in the January 2017 issue of Drunk Monkeys. I hold this piece close to my heart for a few reasons. I read a version of it at one of the MPW student-faculty readings at The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA. It’s also based on my art history master’s thesis, The Model as Muse, which examined fashion photography and fashion; shifts in the museum space and hierarchies of culture; and different constructs of the muse, the model, and gender. Even the description of the thesis reveals its complexities, but with this hopefully more approachable fictionalization of gender and identity constructs, I hope to spark some of the same thought trajectories and conversations (both internal and verbal). Enjoy:

Ready to Where? in Drunk Monkeys


Movie Review: La La Land

La La Land Movie ReviewI’ve always loved the phrase “La La Land.” It reminds me of my dad, who often used the moniker as he’d drive my family from the San Francisco Bay down the 5 and onto the 405. As we entered the land of palm trees, I’d envision the other passengers stuck in traffic next to me singing “la la la” as they waited not-so-patiently for the parking-lot freeway to pick back up again. For me this pet name of my now-home continually reminds me why I love living here: Wouldn’t the world be a more dynamic, happier place if people went through life singing?

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Can’t Get Enough of Jen Stark

Lately, I just can’t seem to get enough of Jen Stark.

Jen Stark Gagosian Beverly Hills

I’m always a fan of wallpaper in a bathroom, but Jen Stark at Gagosian Beverly Hills is irresistible. Image courtesy Jen Stark.

For those of us in LA, we’re lucky enough to be able to spot Stark dripping into the bathroom at Gagosian Beverly Hills, now through September.

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Frank Relle uses long exposure photographs to capture New Orleans at night

Frank Relle Long exposure Photography New Orleans night

Frank Relle, Clio. Rampart Street, New Orleans. April 2011. (Photo courtesy Frank Relle/Lense NYT.)

Frank Relle uses long exposure photographs to capture New Orleans at night. His street lit images appear ready to vibrate with the spirit and soul that haunt this ever-vibrant city.